Current State Of Nexus eSports

Sun 13th Sep 2015 - 3:00pm : General : Gaming

I think this is my first written blog so please bear with me on the format, and well of course everything else.

Nexus eSports has been growing at a very rapid rate, the recent success of our CS line up as cause a huge buildup of our fan base, as well as expectations for wins. The month of August saw us win a Winout LAN qualifier, the RGN Freedom Cup Qualifier, and a 5th Place finish in CEVO PRO PT. This success led to a great atmosphere for our team at the Winout 20K LAN in Philadelphia the first weekend of September. The team played some exciting matches in the group stages and ultimately came out of groups behind Method. Sadly the rest of the tournament did not totally go to our liking and we exited in 7th place after losing to ACE Gaming in the lower bracket. Although this was a great outing for a newly formed line up we felt that we should have done better. This feeling was actually good in the way it made the team hungrier, sadly things just went to shit. Char decided to leave to play premier with L1, which then lead to Drone & Savior leaving to play for WinOut. Once Drone & Savior left we knew that this line up was no more as they were really the core to what we wanted here at Nexus. Matt (dayV1d) and I decided that we would release Planks & 4shot and we would take some time to decide what roster would best represent Nexus in the future. 

The Planks & 4shot Event:

I want to make it clear that at no point myself or anybody else apart of Nexus had any knowledge or understanding of the events that have caused both 4shot & Planks to be banned accordingly. I personally do not even know when it all happened, but I can say that I am shocked. The brief time that I had worked with these guys on the roster they both came off to me like great guys. There actions do not warrant my hatred or fault in judgement of them being great guys, but I believe just a moronic decision to hurt those who they believe hurt them. At the time of their banning they had no affiliation with Nexus, and we will continue that in the future, as we believe in holding the highest level of integrity to the game & community.

The Future:

With all of that out of the way I would like to discuss the future! Nexus is far from done, just like anything great; building an empire takes time. Although it will be sad to not have a team represent us right away, we are steadily working, and scouting to ensure the next Nexus CS line up will bring many exciting moments, and build everlasting memories. CS is not our only venture that we are looking into, we are currently scouting a few other games, and are open to many others. We would like to give our fans what they deserve a high quality power house team in any lane of eSports we dive into.


I would like to thank our great sponsors Enermax & Tt eSports for the amazing support, and our partners Go RGN & Sway Apparel for all that they do.


P.S - If you are interested in joining Nexus as a sponsor, team, or staff contact me


Till Next Time!




Daniel Camacho