Nexus eSports Signs Second CS:GO Roster

Mon 12th Oct 2015 - 12:51am : Gaming

Its with great excitement to announce that Nexus eSports has signed a second CS:GO roster. The roster consist of five very talented players that will compete under the name Nexus eSports. The team was formerly under the organization "Swarm Gaming", and is composed of Terry "dsr" Ryu, Bee "bee-1os-" Nguyen, Myke "btk" Kwarteng, Matthew "no_one" Congdon, and Cory "APE" Bate. Nexus eSports.CSGO will be competing in ESEA - Premier, CEVO Main, and will be attending the RGN Pro Series Championship. 


Nexus CS:GO Lineup 

Terry "dsr" Ryu

Bee "bee-1os-" Nguyen

Myke "btk" Kwarteng  

Matthew "no_one" Congdon

Cory "APE" Bate


Social Media Links:

Players Twitters                              Nexus Social Media

Nexus dsr                                      Nexus Twitter

Nexus bee-1os-                              Nexus Facebook

Nexus btk

Nexus no_one

Nexus APE


We have also made a roster change within Nexus eSports Main by dropping Kyle "minikerr" Kerr for Nick "HandleD" Pathe. With that roster change, our roster will consist of Evan "emode" Patrao, Mitch "glorinsz" MacInnis, Nick "HandleD" Pathe, Josh "Wade" Wade, and Mike "miKnutty" Vitaterna.


Written by Nicholas "Krypt" Patenaude



Nicholas Patenaude

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